Updates – 10/19/2011

I am currently working on holiday card templates.  I have 6 different Christmas cards, 4 Hanukkah cards, 4 Kwanzaa cards, and 5 standard Holiday cards, so hopefully there is something for everyone!  I have them drawn out, I just have to go in on the computer and actually fashion the templates.  We just bought a new house, so things are pretty hectic but I’m hoping to start on the computer-aspect of it tonight.  I will have them up as soon as I finish them!

Also, I am very excited to say that I will be featured in one of Living Social’s daily deals! I have come up with an offer that features two different prices/packages to fit the varying budgets in the Baltimore area.  As I’ve stated before, I want Sunny Day Event Photography to be known as the photography service that caters to everyone, not just the those with unlimited income.  By utilizing Living Social’s great service, I’m hoping to build a steady flow of clients and get this website way more packed with beautiful memories!

I am very, very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to my deal being posted in Baltimore’s family section in the next month or so.

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