Happily Millers After! – Pennsylvania Wedding Photography

Back in October I ventured up to Hanover, PA to photograph Ashley and Steve’s wedding.  I’ve known Ashley for quite some time, so I felt extremely honored to be asked to photograph their day.

They got married on a particularly rainy day at the Gitt Memorial Library & Mansion.  Gitt is so beautiful and quirky – it fits this couple to a T. Their love radiates and touches everyone in their presence, they really are a couple that everyone should aspire to be.


The Reich Family – Maryland Family Photographer

The Reich’s were so photogenic, I barely had to work!  My favorite thing about them is that they were totally up for anything and everything, Leon even suggested some very artistic framing!





The Crislip Family

Keeping up with four kids for an hour caused me to go home and nap, I have no idea how Fred and Christina do it!




Gorgeous Shoot with Melvin and Courtney – Maryland Engagement Photographer

While this was not actually an engagement shoot, it certainly could’ve been.  Courtney and Melvin are married, and decided they should schedule a photoshoot for Courtney’s birthday.  These two still look at each other like no one else is around, it’s so refreshing to witness love like that firsthand.  And it was truly an honor to be the one chosen to capture that love!








Mike & Justin – Adorable Father/Son shoot at Kinder Farm Park! – Maryland Family Photographer

Mike’s friend Carolyn gave the gift of a father/son shoot to him for Christmas, which is always a great gift! (P.S. Gift Certificates are available and they come with a bonus discount off of a shoot with the purchaser!)

After much difficulty scheduling, we finally got together on a great day at Kinder Farm Park.  A little background on this great park if you’re unfamiliar – It’s located in Millersville and has SO many things to do.  You could easily kill a day there just wandering around.  They have a variety of farm animals, a great pond, hiking trails, and best of all…a massive playground for the kids.  Just a forewarning, the park does cost a couple of bucks per car, but it’s totally worth it.

First, we went and checked out some animals:IMG_9715watermark




Katie & Robert’s Mother’s Day Gift! – Maryland Area Photographer

Katie and Robert decided to give their mom a collection of photos of the two of them together as a Mother’s Day present.  This is such a great idea!  They were saying that they had no pictures of the two of them together in the past several years, which got me thinking about how I very rarely take photos with my family also.  It’s easy to forget to snap some memories when there are no longer younger ones running around, so let this be a reminder, go snap a selfie with mom or dad next time you see them! 2

3 1

What kind of sibling shoot would it be if it didn’t end with some sort of brother bullying?!